Sun of Self Love

It’s time for a little self-love. It’s always time for a little self-love. And by that I mean, really connecting into loving and accepting who you are simply because you exist. Exactly as you are, perfectly imperfect. There’s something that happens, that relaxes in our entire energy system, and in our experience of everyday living when we are able to connect, cultivate and grow that experience of self-love. Self-compassion. A real inner acceptance of who we are, as we are, in this moment. There’s a resting in it, where the future falls away, the past falls away, and we’re able to be present. Also, doing so helps us clear out whatever beliefs, thoughts, wounding, trauma, energy that blocks us from a new life experience. From being able to create and draw to us a life of possibility, of enjoyment and connection.

For, when we are blocked from loving ourselves, it blocks us from truly connecting with others and being able to love fully and receive love, as well as, create the life we’d like to be living. Being in a place of self-love, self-compassion, inner contentment, acceptance, clears, helps clear the heart center, which is also what magnetizes to us, draws in the people, places, opportunities, resources that will support us on our journey. It’s all always a breath away, waiting for us to be open and receptive. So, connecting to this, we can release and clear out whatever may block that receptivity.

Take a moment and connect with the Truth of Who You Are. Feel it. Breathe it. Be it. And when it feels elusive and untrue, breathe, connect to the stillness within, walk in nature, stare at the sky, a tree, a body of water, a flower - and feel for a moment, what is bigger than that painful sense of self. Not always easy, but it’s always there. And the sh*t gets cleared away... sometimes slowly, some&mes in a big clean sweep. What is the Truth of Who You Are? None of the thoughts and judgments running through the mind.