Too Much / Not Enough?

Too much and not enough? Or too much and not enough? Perhaps you can relate...

Have you ever been told, “you’re too much”

when you actually feel like you’re never enough?

The truth, in a way, is that you most likely are both.

However, not in the way that you have been told,

attempts to impose misaligned beliefs

and have you fit a specific mold

of who you are and who you should be,

for most likely it’s inverted, as you will see.

That you’re too much attempting to be what you’re not

so end up feeling not enough 

to meet expectations made externally

when who you truly are is beautiful and unique, 

the likes of which the world has never seen

and that is actually what you are not-enough-being.

As you’re too much trying to present to the world

what they expect and what you are told

you cover up a bit more of your soul.

What would it look like, how would you feel?

If you turned this upside down and inside out

Going within to find clarity there, anchoring in and shining out loud

Centered in your experience

Trusting your knowing

Resilient and true

as you keep coming back

To you.

To you.